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Affirmations, what are they? Why are they important?

What are Affirmations, why are they important, and why we need them?

An Affirmation is usually a sentence, a sentence of powerful words put together that is aimed to tap into your conscious and unconscious mind to motivate you, to challenge you, to push you to reach your full potential in life.

Affirmations can assist you with letting go of emotions that no longer serve you, unhealthy habits, or people who are no longer part of your journey moving forward for many reasons. It is important to not allow intrusive negative thoughts to live rent free in your mind, or body. They are gonna have to work overtime to be effective. Here are a few Affirmations you can use to help combat those thoughts.

  • Inspiration is consistently flowing through me at all times and I am Inspired.

  • My heart is full of unconditional love and I forgive truly.

  • I am aligned to the Divine Wisdom of the Universe and it flows through me in abundance.

  • I experience life with Divine clarity.

  • I communicate in all ways with ease and grace.

I hope these few Affirmations can serve as assistants to you on your journey or serve as an example to write your own. We would love to hear any Affirmations you may use already, put it in the comments! Also the Diamond Dotz photo at the top, Alkebulan Kween is available for purchase to come home. Click on her!

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