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New Moon in Taurus: What does it mean? & What should I do?

New Moon in Taurus on April 30th brings with it a multitude of questions. Represented by the Bull, this Earth elemental represents stability and security in the material world, along with enjoyment of life's comforts and pleasures. The ever Fixed Bull wisely plans for its future and is careful to invest only in what will give a return on its investment. The Taurus energy of this New Moon Eclipse is all about making changes in your finances. This is the month to set your intentions around that.

" Do not linger in comfort so long that indulgences become necessities."

One of those questions, How may I serve the world? Is the first step in deciding what you have to offer, that people need. The hard part is not negatively talking yourself once you've sat, listened for, and received a message from your guides. Whether the negativity comes in the form of a thought, an action, writings, or non-verbal communications. It is very important that everything is done without doubt.

For this New Moon, Let's do an exercise. Let's Start a Manifestation Journal. Sit and relax with your chosen for of relaxation. Write down these questions and then answer them to the best of you ability. Try to focus your energy and calm your spirit and do not stress about, or force a certain answer. There is no pressure.

  • What is your biggest, most audacious goal, wish, or intention?

  • Now that you have it, turn it into an affirmation. Write it as if it has already happened.

  • Recite with conviction, multiple times a day for the month

  • What are three smaller goals, wishes, or intentions that directly correlate to the more audacious one?

  • What will you do to make the smaller goals happen?

Revisit this sheet of paper everyday and repeat the affirmation you created. The smaller goals that directly correlate to your ultimate goal are the stairs that you will need to open that door and must be treated as such. You can not neglect your goals, intentions, and wishes.

We would love to hear for you with how this new moon in Taurus serves you. Please Like, Comment, & Share!

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