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Seven different ways to cleanse your crystals.

Not all crystals can be cleansed and charged the same way for multiple reasons. What does it mean to cleanse and charge a crystal? It is simply the act of clearing all of the negative energies from the crystal and programming or setting your intentions for the use of that crystal. Especially when you first bring them home. This list will discuss 7 different ways to accomplish the task of cleansing. Please don't lose or ruin your babies due to your ignorance of how to properly care for them. ASK QUESTIONS, AND PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!

1. Water

Water is nature's most potent cleaner and purifier. However there are many crystals that can and will dissolve or rust when exposed to water. Again, Please don't lose or ruin your babies do to your ignorance of how to properly care for them. ASK QUESTIONS, AND PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Rinse you crystal under a running tap or place in a bowl of water but only for a moment. Look into local natural bodies of water such as rivers, streams, or lakes for best results! Due to how abrasive salt water is, be very mindful of your use.

2. Sunlight

Sunlight powerfully shines away stale energies and is an extremely activating force. Many crystals benefit a great deal from a short sunbath. However, keep in mind that many types of crystals will fade over time due to sun exposure. So if you don't mind your baby becoming more pale as the sunlight fades it, simply place your crystals in a sunny spot for a few hours.

3. Moonlight

Everyone loves Moonlight!

Nothing more to do then to place your babies in a well lite area overnight. If you chose an outdoor location to charge your babies, keep in mind the dew that forms overnight when it comes to your babies that will dissolve or rust. The light of a full or new moon are most powerful.

4. Breathe and intentions combined

Breathe combined with setting intentions is the easiest and most instant way of purifying your crystals. Hold it while inhaling through your nose. Breathe out though your mouth with a gently forceful breathe like your blowing out candles. Do this until you no longer feel it necessary to do.

5. Smoke

The smoke from your chosen herbal blend, sage bundle, or Paulo Santos sticks moves and purifies energies. Light your source of smoke and and hold your crystal above the stream of smoke allowing the smoke to envelope your crystal.

6. Music

The vibrational waves of music produces a pleasing visual combination of the energies of everything in its path. Chanting, drumming, strumming, etc. Crystals love music so don't trip.

7. Earth

burying them in the soil is known as Earthing. The use of soil grounds and recharges your babies. Whether in the soil of a house plant, your garden, or in the soil of a dedicated spot in your yard. Make sure you clearly mark where you buried them because from the earth we came, to the earth we shall return. Leave them there over night, being mindful of the water in soil causing an issue with those that are metallic or sensitive clusters.

Programming your crystals establishes a very specific intention for a crystal to hold, usually for an energy or result you wish to manifest. To do this you hold your crystal in both hands and visualize it surrounded by a shimmering ball of golden light. Speak your intentions out loud.

Have fun experimenting with discovering what feels best for you and your crystal babies!

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