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Some fun things to do with herbs!


There are many ways for herbs to be of service to us. Here we would like to identify a few of those different ways. The different ways that we are going to discuss are Medicinal Infusions, Infused Syrups, Oils, Salves and Baths.


INFUSIONS What are infusions? Infusion is the process of steeping (soaking) herbs in water until the water absorbs the oils and flavors, then drinking the liquid for the taste or for the medicinal value.

INFUSED SYRUPS Herbal infused syrups are concentrated herbal teas, preserved in sugar or honey. Historically, herbal syrups were used to sweeten the taste of bitter medicinal herbs to make them more palatable and prolong preservation. They are a versatile alternative to alcohol-based tinctures for children or people avoiding alcohol.

INFUSED OILS An infused oil is where you gather an herb or flower (preferably dried) and soak it in a carrier oil ( learn all about carrier oils) for an extended period of time. This allows the beneficial chemical compounds from the herb to extract/infuse into the oil.

INFUSED SALVES A salve, in essence, is any kind of soothing or medicinal mixture that combines herbs, beeswax, and infused oils. They're used for all kinds of things, but have a history rooted in natural medicine and have been cures for ailments or irritation for thousands of years.

INFUSED BATH an herbal infused bath is a way to infuse your hot bath with herbs that are known to de-stress. Not just herbs, but a herbal bath is infused with essential oils and flowers that soothe the muscles, softens skin, improves circulation and combats any infection.


Enjoy exploring these five ways as well as exploring your own way. Have you already explored some of these? Lets us know on our social media page. We look forward to not only hearing from you but serving you.


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